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Welcome to the Council’s new website!

CUWCC is a partnership of water suppliers, environmental groups, and others interested in conserving California’s greatest natural resource - WATER.

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BMP Reporting Interactive PDFs Now Available!

free examples of security breaches in hospitalsbreachesfree examples of security breaches in hospitals

Council staff understand the importance of the BMP reporting to meet UWMP deadlines. We have made available Interactive PDFs that look and feel very similar to the reporting application and will enable Council staff to transfer the data directly into the reporting software when it is ready. Agencies will not need to re-enter data is entered into these forms.

The Foundational BMPs, Base Year Data, Water Sources, and Accounts & Water Uses forms are currently available for both retail and wholesale agencies. These forms make it possible for your agency to utilize the GPCD option immediately so that you may move forward with completing your UWMP. By selecting the GPCD option, an agency would only need to complete the Foundational BMP reporting along with the GPCD tool and submit to complete your reporting requirement for the Council.

Click here to get started!

BMP Reporting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please note we are working on the Programmatic BMP Interactive PDFs. We anticipate their completion in the next week or two. They will be posted on the website and an email will go out to announce their completion. Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and support in this process.

Coverage Reports

If an Agency wants its coverage reports before July 1, 2011, the Council requests that you submit your BMP report forms by May 31, 2011. If an agency's complete set of 2009-2010 BMP reporting forms are submitted by May 31, we guarantee that you have them in time to complete your UWMP before the July 1 deadline. Agencies that submit after June 1 may receive coverage reports in June, but CUWCC staff cannot guarantee this. Agencies that choose to use other means of showing compliance for your UWMP, and are not using coverage reports, are requested to submit your data by August 1, 2011, so that we may compile all member data for the SWRCB report. Agencies that have already submitted your forms using the GPCD compliance track will begin receiving Coverage reports in the next couple of weeks. A more firm date will be given in the near future as soon as we have thoroughly tested the coverage calculator.

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Task Force

Senate Bill X7-7 (SB X7-7) was enacted in November 2009 mandating water conservation, measurement, and reporting activities for urban and agricultural water suppliers. The CII Task Force is convening to develop alternative Best Management Practices for CII. For information, see CII Task Force Web page

Water Conservation Need-To-Know


Here you will find quick summaries of water management-related news from the past week and links to source articles. The main focus will be on California, however, developments of national and international importance will also be included.

The SBx7-7 Process

Determining Your 2020 Target: Method 4 Process

The Method 4 process is now complete, and a final Method 4 has been publicized. That information may be found here. Questions regarding any of this information may be directed to the U4 project manager, Rich Mills, at 916- 341-5739 or

Process Water Regulation

The permanent rulemaking for this process will begin shortly. For information and background on this issue, please view the DWR webpage on the process, or contact Kent Frame at DWR: 916- 651-7030 or

Council information on the SBx7-7 process may be found here.

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